Yes…They Made it Even Easier!

If you haven’t discovered it by now, I love  I make no excuses for being a mother and a woman, and having a fantastic sex life, and when I find a company as great as this one I feel that it is my solemn duty to share it with all of you.

Recently they’ve added some sales and made some changes that I’m very excited about, and it only makes sense that I share them with you.  Ready for the wonderfulness? has launched a mobile browser!  That’s right, nothing to download and update and take up precious space on your phone – just click-through to the site on your phone and the optimized site just loads.  I don’t know about you, but the majority of my browsing and shopping happens on my phone, and this is going to make it a lot easier for me to make purchases.  See, I told you they love us 🙂

In addition, they have a few fantastic sales going on now that you really must take advantage of.  It’s May-Sturbation, and that means 30% off all Doc Johnson sex toys ( some of my personal favorites!)  Also, take 20% off all month with SUMMERFUN, and lingerie and clubwear are on clearance for 50% off!  Whew!  Deals like that always make me want to shop.

Because they are awesome, every order gets a little something free – don’t forget to choose your gift before you check out!  Keep an eye on the home page banners, as well — qualifying purchases can get even more free goodies.

Have fun shopping, my lovelies!

As always, I buy everything from  – they’re fast, discreet, and the prices are great!

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It’s Going to Be Okay.

I know that I’ve seemed down lately.  Blame it on wildly changing pregnancy hormones, or the crazy that has invaded my life recently.  I know that it’s hard when you just can’t fix what’s broken.  I’m trying very hard to focus on what I CAN fix and change right now instead of the flood of things that are going on around me that I just CANNOT fix or change.  One day at a time, sometimes one breath at a time, and I’m getting through.  It will be okay.  It will all work out.  I must have faith.

Several people have messaged me recently asking if we need/want anything for the arrival of the #ninjababy.  Honestly, there isn’t much we “need” but there are things that it would be nice to have.  After three kids I’ve pretty much realized that all you “need” is some cloth diapers, a car seat, and some clothes.  I had set up an baby registry a while back, mostly to get the 10% discount later on for ourselves, but I attached the link to the list at the bottom of this note.

Honestly, the only thing we truly NEED at this point is a place for the #ninjababy to sleep when he isn’t in bed with us.  I have my heart set on a baby hammock, but they’re expensive and I can only find the one I like in Australia.  @juliecottle from Natural Transitions sells them, and I love supporting my Twitter moms when I can instead of some nameless corporation.  It’s called the Happy Hangup, and it is on the list below.  Because it’s so pricey ( sad face ) I had actually started a donation fund a while back to try to get some help with it…the hammock, stand and cushion end up being less than a traditional crib price wise, but it’s still a chunk of change.  I like the hammock because of its motion, and the fact that it’s easily portable for travel or just switching rooms…and because I guess I’m now shameless, here’s the link to the FundRazr for the baby’s bed: Ninjababy Hammock

Again, I’m not asking for anyone to buy anything – this is for those people who had asked, and my fingers have been slow in sending the same message with the same information over and over.

Here’s the link to the Amazon list, carefully arranged into “wants” and “needs.”  There’s also some fun stuff on there  (we don’t “need” an oriental styled gliding bassinet, but thought it would be fun for a “ninjababy” to have).  We’re a babywearing, clothdiapering, cosleeping crunchy family … but I still squee over the cute factor of some of this stuff.  Hey, I’m only human!  We may be getting a hand me down car seat, but the rest of it is here.

In addition to all this, as much of the profit from my Etsy shop as I can save is also going to buy things for the arrival of the #ninjababy.  Minus shipping and material fees, every time you buy a dryer ball you add to my “baby needs” fund.  If you want to go check out ( cough cough *buy* ) some wooly goodness, the link to the Etsy store is here AND  I’ll have a perma-coupon for free shipping (domestic OR international) if you use ninjababy at checkout.

I think that’s everything?  I’ve added a contact me page if anyone needs more information, and I’m always happy to take hand me downs for clothing and clothdiapers.   ( I’ll even pay your shipping!)

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