Sex After Baby … Yeah, I’m Going There. (part 2)

In my last post I was discussing how it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things after a baby, and I mentioned a few things we had used to to help us reconnect as a couple.  This post, I want to get a little more intimate.

 “Sex toys.”  I know, take a breath – it’s ok.  Whether you’re more comfortable calling them “marital aids” or your “sonic screwdriver” they can really make a difference in the bedroom.  Being crunchy, I’m rather partial to glass toys.   Some of them are quite beautiful, they feel great, they are easy to clean, and provide some great sensations when you warm them or chill them in the refrigerator!  Don’t think of them as fragile objects, most are built to last a lifetime of heavy use… and glass is non-porous which means no worries about what chemicals may be leaching out of your new friend and into you!

Consider picking her up a  gift that will be appreciated…I promise! ( And don’t forget the lube, especially for you breastfeeding moms!)

I’ve been buying everything from  – they’re fast, discreet, and the prices are great!

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Sex After Baby … Yeah, I’m Going There.

Sex after baby.  Everyone is thinking about it, no one talks about it.  Intimacy with your partner is SO important (for you as well as your partner!) especially post-partum, and too often we get locked into the cycle of being too tired to take time to remember that we’re more than a baby feeding/diaper changing machine.  I’ve found after four kids that even if you don’t feel like you “want” to, sometimes just trying gets you in the mood…and the more you have, the more you want!  Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, here are my hints:

Use lube.  Especially if you’re breastfeeding, hormones can screw with your natural lubrication.  I like ID Glide – it’s smooth, condom safe, and water based.

Set the mood.  I LOVE massage oil candles: not only is the glow romantic, but you have oil at just the right temperature at your fingertips!

Try something new!  It can take time to get back into the swing of things, but picking up some fun new items ( even if it isn’t a “sex toy“) can really kick your libido back into gear!

I’ve been buying everything from  – they’re fast, discreet, and the prices are great!

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