I know, I’ve been away!

     You’ll have to forgive me, things at the house have been busy.  Why?  Well, after three weeks of public school ( and my 1st and 3rd grader having two HOURS of homework every night) we decided to pull them out of school and attempt that thing known as homeschooling.

     Its going wonderfully (so far!)  We’re kind of easing into it, giving the kids a chance to “switch gears” so to speak.  My parents are 100% supportive.  The in-laws?  Not so much.  Huge surprise there, right?

     I’m loving the homeschooling so far.  We’re trying to make it fun and hands on for the kids.  As an example, the other day we watched a documentary on the Civil War.  Afterwards, we discussed what the war was about, and took a “field trip” to Lynchburg’s Old City cemetary.  There is a Confederate section in the middle with 2200 soldiers buried.  We walked around all the tiny gravestones, talked about how young most of these boys were ( families have started placing actual markers now, as opposed to the original markers that only had initials, division  and state) and gave them a better idea of the human loss of wars.  I think they got it, and as a bonus we got to be outside on a beautiful fall day.

     We’ll get more “serious” about schooling soon, but we’re trying the unit study approach.  I think we’ll do Thanksgiving soon, and tie in the Pilgrims, and Columbus, and then Pocahontas and Sacagawea.  After that, maybe move into Lewis and Clark?  We’ll see where the kids want to go with it.

     Hope you’re all doing well!


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