The Great Dryer Ball Giveaway!


<CLOSED TO ENTRIES> chose @Lythics for the dryer balls!  Congrats!



As I had mentioned in an earlier post  I’m trying very hard to get my shop on Etsy back up and running and supplement our ninjababy fund.  I’ve promoted through Twitter and my Facebook page, and my friends have been wonderful in word of mouth advertising.  As both a thank you and a way to get the word out there about my new shop, I’ve decided to give away a full set of SIX organic wool dryer balls!  Use all six, keep three and give three away, however you’d like to do it…but six wooly felted balls will head the way of the winner.

Organic Wool Dryer Balls

2-3oz each and about the size of a baseball

The photos up there are images of some earlier balls that I’ve felted.  These may not be white, as the wool I get can be any shade from pure white to dark black.  When I have the “actual” balls rolled and ready I’ll post a shot of them as well, but they will be solid wool ( no acrylic core), between two and three ounces each and about the size of a baseball ( sometimes larger!)

I hate complicated giveaways, I really do, so I’m going to try to make this one as easy as possible, but give you lots of chances for extra entries as well.  Here we go:

Mandatory Entry:  Leave me a comment telling me why you want a set of dryer balls.

Additional Entries (please leave a separate comment for each entry!):

Follow or subscribe to  my blog & leave me a comment.

“Like” my business page on Facebook and leave me a comment there that you’ve entered to win the dryer balls.

Visit my Etsy shop and leave me a comment here telling me another product I sell that you’d like.

Leave me a comment here telling me something else you’d like to see me create!

Post “Win a set of #organic #wool #dryerballs from @SilentlyJoyful ! Enter here!” and leave me a comment that you tweeted.

That’s it, simple enough?  I’ll draw the winner using on Monday July 4th ( just to be patriotic!) and your balls will be in the mail before that Friday.  Remember, I HAVE to have a way to get in touch with you or I’ll have to redraw the winner ( and I hate doing that!)  If the primary winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, I’ll redraw.


OOH! Its the Softbums Mystery Event!

 The NEW SoftBums Omni Diaper has finally joined the family!  This diaper is soooooo cool! (Why, you might ask?)
It’s the world’s first Multi-purpose Pocket Diaper!


How cool is this?



You know you want one!

Omni Diaper Features:
– Stuff it! Snap it! Cover it!
– The first Multi-Purpose Pocket Ever!  It’s a Pocket Diaper AND an All-In-2
AND a Cover!
– Huge pocket opening is easy to stuff
– Larger size means it fits even BIGGER toddlers up to 40 lbs, yet still
fits a tiny Newborn with Slide²Size
– Compatible with the same Pods as the Echo, as well as almost any other
diaper insert!
– Choice of DryTouch or Organic
– Use as an all-in-2 for the most economical diapering system available!
– Use as a pocket for a super absorbent and bulletproof diaper so easy your
daycare can use it!
– Use as a cover over flats, prefolds or nearly anything else you already
have for a worry-free night!


Steps for the Mystery Diaper EVENT:
#1. The SoftBums Blog will be linked with a list of over 100 bloggers who are all participating or reviewing the NEW SoftBums Mystery Diaper.
#2. On Oct 1st at 12pm CST SoftBums will reveal their newest SoftBums diaper on YouTube and…
#3. at the same time all the reviewing bloggers will post their reviews of the new diaper.
#4. Blogs are open early to begin taking comments
#5. After the entry period ends (Oct 18 @ 8pm CST) 23 winners will be chosen from all the compiled entries!
Come join the SoftBums Mystery Event and visit all the participating blogs for a chance to win these amazing prizes!
Grand Prize:A Brand New iPad (available to win on REVIEWING BLOGS ONLY. Reporting blogs count for first prize and down)

First Prize: Complete Birth to Potty Package of SoftBums NEW Mystery Diapers!!


Second Prize: Win a gift certificate for $75  to
Third Prize: Amazon Gift Card worth $50
PLUS: 1 SoftBums Mystery Diaper given out to winners #5-#20 

 PLUS: ( I know, it just keeps getting better!) Baby Legs to winners #21-#23 


Post, blog or Tweet about the SoftBums Mystery Event and comment here to enter your entry!

Plus Extra entries available for:

  • Going to other SoftBums Mystery Event Blogs, listed on the SoftBums blog
  • Follow the SoftBums “Love Cloth Diapers” Blog
  • Follow SoftBums on Twitter (Leave comment)
  • Like SoftBums on Facebook (leave comment)
  • Tell why you are excited to try the new diaper! (leave comment)
  • Share this Mystery Event as your status on Facebook (leave comment) 
  • Leave a review on SoftBums (leave comment)
  • Subscribe to my blog via email through feedburner (leave comment)
  • Follow me through Google Friend Connect or via a reader (leave comment)
  • Blog about this giveaway (leave comment with link)

So, cats and kittens….ready to start entering?  Go!

Oh Rockin’ Green Soap…how I love you!

     Oh, Rockin’ Green Soap … how I love you!!  Your yummy scents, your eco-friendly nature, your fantastic customer service!  The way I can Rock A Soak and you show me how dirty my clean laundry really is.  The way you gently strip my cloth diapers of ammonia and funk…  But wait, you say.  Didn’t you teach us that we can make our own laundry soap, you crunchy pagan parent you?  Yes, yes … I did.  And I still do make and use my own laundry soap.  For most of my families dirty clothes, our home-made soap works just fine.   Cloth diapers are a different beast, however, and Rockin’ Green is made especially for those fluffy bums in your house.

     My Twitter peeps turned me on to Rockin’ Green when I asked about an eco-friendly detergent for my leaky stinky cloth diapers.  I browsed the FAQ’s on the website, and decided to order some sample packages of soap to test scents and see if it “really” worked.  The scents….Oh, the scents!  I ended up ordering six samples my first go around, because each sounded yummier than the last.  Smart names like Rage Against the Raspberry and Motley Clean.  Tasty scents like Smashing Watermelon and Orangevana.  Even some grown up adult scents like Lavender Mint Revival and The Plain Green Teas.  They were all fantastic, non “fake” smelling samples.  RnG even has Bare Naked Babies (non scented) for those of you who have someone in your house sensitive to scent.  Samples are very reasonable at $.75 to $.80 each, and one sample pack will do 2 loads in a standard toploading washer or FOUR if you use a HE machine.  One pack is also enough to Rock a Soak (but we’ll get to that later on!).  Even better is the fact that Rockin’ Green comes in Classic Rock (for those of us with normal water), Hard Rock for hard water sufferers, and Soft Rock for those over sudsy areas.

     My samples arrived in short order, and I set about to try to strip my cloth diapers.  Instructions are on the back of the bags, as well as on the website.  In addition, Kim (of RockinGreenSoap fame on Twitter) is always fantastic about answering any questions you have via email or Twitter.  My fluff needed to be washed anyway, so I tossed them in the washer and followed the directions on the bag.  It was easy…cold rinse/wash with no soap (to get the nasties out), wash using detergent, then double rinse.  That’s it.  I couldn’t believe the funk that came out in the washer!  In fact, I drove my husband nuts by opening the lid every five minutes during the agitation to check the color of the water.  (Eeeew, is all I can say!)  I couldn’t wait to Rock a Soak after seeing how much ick had come out in the wash, so that was my next step.  I filled my washer with hot water and 3 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green along with my dipes.  The directions say to let it soak for 30-60 minutes, but given the state of my cloth diapers I left them for almost two hours.  The last step was just to launder as usual, skipping the soap.  The bag and website both say that if you have excessive buildup or residue it may take a few soaks or overnight to get them in good condition, but I found that for most of my diapers one soak was enough.  I actually ran out of samples, and Kim was kind enough to send me more so that I could finish stripping those last few nasty diapers that still had residue built up in them!  I wish I had taken photos the first time I Rocked a Soak.  I actually called my husband into the laundry several times so he could see for himself.  “Look at the diapers, honey!  EEEEW!”  “OH!  Look at them NOW!”  He ended up refusing to come look  at my nasty wash water after the third time I called him to share my disgust.

     So, as you know we try to go as eco-friendly as possible here.  Laundry soaps particularly can be hard on the environment and waste water.  Rockin’ Green is fantastic for just this reason.  Its dye free, naturally scented, no fillers, no enzymes, no optical brighteners, 100% phosphate free, HE compatible, and even the packaging is recyclable.  It’s never tested on animals (only baby bums), and “tree hugger approved.”  Using Rockin’ Green ends up costing you about $.13 a load (almost half what some of the big name brands cost, AND its better for the environment!)

     Does this sound fantastic, or what?  It gets better.  Kim has generously donated one bag of 45/90 Rockin’ Green for me to giveaway (and you to win!)  in your choice of scents and formula.  We don’t do super complicated giveaways on this blog, so here’s what you need to do to enter.

     1.  Leave me a comment telling me what scent and formula you’d like if you win.  That’s it.  For additional entries, leave me a second comment and do one of the below.

     2.  Follow Kim on Twitter.

     3.  Follow me on Twitter.

     4.  Subscribe to this blog.

     That’s all, folks!  Good luck…I’ll draw the winner on Wednesday, August 4th at noon using  Make sure I can get ahold of you!  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or I’ll redraw.

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