Its The Thursday Review!

     I’m going to attempt to review a new product each Thursday here on the blog.  I’ve been learning more and more about cloth diapers recently, and decided to share some of what I’ve learned with those of you who may not realize that cloth diapers  have come a LONG way since your grandparents used them!  I picked up one FuzziBunz brand cloth diaper to use on the little man while he’s sleeping overnight.  To be honest, I didn’t expect much.  He’s nearly three, and though mostly potty trained during the day, he’s an incredibly heavy wetter at night.  Every disposable option I had tried on him he managed to soak through.  I was washing a LOT of sheets … both his and mine.  Additionally, pull up style disposables aren’t cheap.

     Fuzzibunz are what’s called a “pocket” diaper.  There is an outer, waterproof shell with a microfleece pocket that you “stuff” with an absorbant soaker insert.  All Fuzzibunz come with one  insert.  In addition, they have two styles of sizes — “perfect” size which runs from XS to XL and “one size” which they claim will fit your child from newborn to potty training ( about 7 pounds to 35 pounds ).  I ordered Drake a perfect size in watermelon, size large, from  They offer free shipping on all of their orders, which is a nice bonus.  There is NOTHING I hate worse than paying more for shipping than I did for the original item!  Because Drake is such a heavy wetter, I also ordered an additional microterry insert so that I could double stuff his diapers.  Shipping was fast, and came with a handy insert detailing washing, drying, and basic care.  Care of my cloth diaper is much more simple than I would have thought.  I simply shake the insert into the washing machine, toss the cover in after, then wash on cold with no detergent.  I then run a second wash on hot with detergent and toss them in the dryer.  Voila!  If we were cloth diapering full time I’d have a wet bag and wash them all every other day or so.  As we do have  just one, I wash it in the sink on occasion to save water.  I also don’t mind throwing them in with my other laundry ( if we were talking newborn poo diapers I obviously wouldn’t do this!)

     So, the day arrives, and I get fluffy mail 🙂  Of course I couldn’t wait to get them on him, and within minutes he had a watermelon cloth bum.  The first thing that surprised me was that he wasn’t using  the largest size snaps.  In fact, he was using the smallest waist setting (there are three) and the second smallest thigh setting (there are four)  Since my little man weighs about 32 pounds, I’m more than confident that the large size will fit him until he’s totally potty trained!  Even double stuffed the diaper was a lot trimmer than I expected it to be.  I always pictured cloth diapers as bulky, but I think that a single stuffed diaper would be nearly invisible — or as invisible as any diaper on a kid can be.  Cloth was also much softer than even the softest disposable diaper I’d ever picked up, and as I’ve been washing them I really think they are getting softer.  It was so soft, in fact, that Drake didn’t want to take it off!  Instead of wearing his FuzziBunz about ten hours the first night as I initially thought he would, he had it on closer to 16.  Guess what?  No leaks.  Nada.  In fact, I was so confident after the very first evening that he was going to be leak free that I didn’t even bother to double stuff him.  I simply used the thicker microterry insert that I had purchased.  His diaper is heavy when he first wakes up, but his sheets and mine have been dry every morning for the last three weeks.  I’ve noticed no fading of the bright red color, no pilling of the inside fleece, and the snaps are still tight and sturdy.

     Am I impressed?  Heck ya.  If we have another baby, will I cloth diaper?  You bet.  The new cloth is just as easy as a traditional disposable, better for the environment, and even cheaper in the long run!  You don’t ever have to worry about running out of diapers in the middle of the night, the patterns and colors are so cute that I’m not sure that I’d want to cover them with clothes, and they can be reused for additional children or resold to another family.  NO pins, NO plastic pants, and NO diaper rash.  Yep, you heard me.  Even at almost three Drake was breaking out from his overnight ‘sposies.  Since we’ve switched to cloth?  Nothing on his bum that shouldn’t be.  I love it. 

     There are numerous brands and styles of cloth diapers, and I’m hoping to review them all.  Some styles may work better than others for certain families, but at this point I’m convinced that cloth is the way to go. 

     Do you cloth diaper?  What are your favorite brands and styles?



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