I’m here, I’m here!

     I’ve been trying to post for almost a week now, but the truth is I just haven’t had the time!  School is out for the summer, and between the kids taking full advantage of the later bedtime that summer affords them, the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, and my obsessive housecleaning in preparation for my in-laws arriving in a week (eeek!) finding time to blog has been difficult.  I have a ton of great posts brewing (you’ll love what happened to me at 3 this morning!) but finding the time to actually sit and write them has been difficult.

     Rest assured, I’ll be a blogging tornado in a day or so.  I hope.  Right now we’re a little busy getting ready for a trip to see the Flying Wallenda’s perform in the park, and watch a movie with popcorn afterwards on the big screen.  That reminds me…I forgot to pack the sunscreen!  Don’t give up on me yet…I’ll be back!


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